Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Slow the Population Growth Rate

7 Billion and You
By most of us know that our (earthlings) population has just reached 7 billion.  There are a number of discussions going on about the advantages of it and even more about the disadvantages.  With increased population we will have energy shortage, food shortage, water problems and many other problems.  Many people(countries like China) think that by controllng populaton by laws or by birth control education programs ( and some with incentives) we can slowdown the population growth.  I think that by educating people more, we can slow some population growth.
In rural parts of countries such as India, the children are looked as a help at in farmland.  By educating people, the farmland help incentive is gone and people will be producing less children.  In addition to that, educated people tend to get married little late and think about children even later. And by that time the fertility rate will come down and help reduce population.  Educating Women is another important factor.  The above-mentioned reasons apply to women as well and if we have two people with less fertility means even less children.
Urbanization is another imporant way in which population growth can be slowed.  In urban centres people have smaller places to live and that in-turn motivates the parents to produce less number of children.
In conclusion, instead of passing harsh laws(similar to what Sanjeev Gandhi did some years ago or what China does), I think focussing on other ways such as educating men and women is very advantageous.

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